Derek Wachob Net Worth 2024, Success Story Of Owner Of Paragon Industries

Derek Wachob Net Worth 2024, Derek Wachob was destined to become a great entrepreneur. With his entrepreneurial spirit, he established a successful berry company. From a young age, Wachob showed promise and ambition, which paved the way for his future success.

Derek Wachob Net Worth

Growing up in a family of entrepreneurs, he was influenced by his parents, Jack and Linda Wachob, the original founders of Paragon Industries, which was founded in 1970.
Derek is not just a business tycoon, He is also a well-educated person. He is a university graduate who works for a company. He was born on October 4, 1972, in Sapulpa, Oklahoma.

Paragon Industries is a steel pipe and tubing manufacturing industry that is used as structural steel for the construction industry and also by the oil industry. It is a privately held company and has a net worth of $1.24 billion in 2023. The company was founded in 1970 by Jack Wachob, who is the company’s former chairman.

Jack, along with his wife Linda, purchased Sapulpa Machine & Tool, a service shop for drilling constructors. He immediately expanded his business to various oil-related enterprises now famous as Paragon Industries. Derek Wachob has been the owner and founder of Paragon Industries since 1982.

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Derek Wachob has been associated with seven companies, according to public records. The companies were formed over a sixteen-year period with the most recent being incorporated one year ago in January of 2022. Four of the companies are still active while the remaining three are now listed as inactive.

Full Name Derek Wachob
Net Worth (2023) $10 Million
Born October 4, 1972
Birthplace Sapulpa, Oklahoma
Nationality American
Height 5 feet 6 inches
Weight 77 Kilograms
Education University Graduate
Marital Status Married
Occupation Businessman, Owner of Paragon Industries
Derek Wachob Net Worth

Who is Derek Wachob?

He is the founder of Paragon Industries Sales Co, LLC. He has been the founder of 4 companies that are active now and making progress by leaps and bounds.

How He Became a Billionaire

Derek Wachob didn’t just stumble upon his luck; He made it through his own company. Taking the reins of Paragon Industries in 1982, he expanded the company into a giant with a net worth of $1.24 billion. His business acumen and strategic decisions have been instrumental in taking the company to new heights.

Derek Wachob, a billionaire and founder of a company, is a name you can’t ignore. His work speaks for itself. As the billionaire founder of a successful company, he’s a living testament to what strategic business moves can achieve. With a staggering net worth of $10 million, his success speaks volumes.

Net Worth Derek Wachob

Net Worth Derek Wachob

Derek Wachob has a net worth of $10 million. Net Worth and Market Position Paragon Industries’ net worth as of 2023 is $1.24 billion, making it the market leader in its industry.

How much is Derek Wachob’s Net Worth?

He is a multitalented businessman who co-founded 7 companies. Three of his companies are now defunct and the remaining four are still in progress. Derek Wachob’s net worth is estimated to be $10 million as of the current year 2023.

His legacy lives on in our everyday business from his great work ethic to our relationships with customers to the top service we provide.

Undoubtedly, Paragon’s biggest footprint came from Jack and it is evident in every part of the business. Our customer service motto is the same as it was when he owned Sapulpa Machine and Tool. We look for hardworking individuals to join our team because Jack instilled a great work ethic, and we have relationships with customers who have stood through tough times in our industry from a handshake with Jack.

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He came from a time when a ‘Handshake Still Matters’ and we operate on the same premise today. The company stands on the integrity that was instilled by Jack Wachob.

Net Worth 2023 $10 million
Monthly Income $30K
Annual Salary $500k
Age BornBorn: October 4, 1972
Country of Origin American
Last Updated 2023

Derek Wachob Age and Family

Derek Wachob is 51 years old and was born on October 4, 1972. He was born to Jack and Linda Wachob. He was also an entrepreneur and ran Paragon Industries. Mr. Jack is the former Chairman of Paragon Industries. Derek Wachob is a family man.

  • Paragon Industries: The company’s net worth is $1.24 billion, and as the owner, Derek takes a significant cut.
  • Annual Salary: Derek draws a yearly salary of $500K from his business ventures.
  • Monthly Income: His monthly income is around $30K.
Derek Wachob Age and Family

Sources of Income and Investments

Derek Wachob’s wealth doesn’t just stem from his salary or his ownership of Paragon Industries. Here are other avenues that contributed to his net worth
Other Companies: Derek owns seven companies, three of which are inactive. These companies also contribute to his income.

  • Investments: While specific details are not available, it’s safe to assume that a businessman of his stature has diverse investments.
  • Legal Compensation: Derek filed a lawsuit against the United States Army and claimed $13,229,775 for damage to his aircraft.

Paragon Industries

Paragon Industries is the crown jewel in Derek Wachob’s business empire. Founded in 1982, the company specializes in steel pipe and tubing manufacturing, primarily serving the oil and gas industry.

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Other Active and Inactive Companies

Derek Wachob owns seven companies in total, three of which are currently inactive. While specific details are not available, these companies span various industries, contributing to his diversified income streams.

Personal life

Born on October 4, 1972, in Sapulpa, Oklahoma, Derek Wachob comes from a family of entrepreneurs. His parents, Jack and Linda Wachob, were the founders of Paragon Industries. Linda Wachob, Derek’s wife, is often described as the cornerstone of his life and ventures.

Derek Family Influenced Derek’s Business

Derek’s business acumen can be traced back to his family. His parents not only founded Paragon Industries but also instilled in him the values ​​and skills needed to run a successful business.

Role of Education and Mentorship

Derek is a university graduate, and he places great importance on education and mentorship. His educational background and guidance from mentors have played an important role in shaping his professional skills.

Darek Wachob History

Founded in 1982 by Derek’s parents, Jack and Linda Wachob, Paragon Industries has grown to become a billion-dollar company. Paragon Industries is a steel pipe and tubing manufacturing industry. The company’s headquarters is based at 3378 W Highway 117 Sapulpa, OK, 74066-6987 United States.

Darek Wachob Interesting Facts

  • Darek Wachob is the owner of Paragon Industries and is a popular American businessman.
  • Darek Wachob Net worth is $ 10 Million.
  • Darek Wachob hails from Salupa, Oklahoma, United States.
  • Darek Wachob has four active companies and 3 inactive companies, which are still in the development process.
  • Darek Wachob is a successful 50-year-old businessman.
  • Darek Wachob is a married man who lives with his family in Oklahoma.
Derek Wachob Age and Family

Darek Wachob Empire

Darek Wachob is the co-founder of seven companies and Paragon Industries which is a worldwide popular company. The industries manufacture tube and steel which is used in the engineering industry.

The company was founded by Darek Wachob’s father in the year 1970. The company is established and has created many milestones on its journey to success.
The company is all about the gas and oil industry Darek Wachob is the owner of the company and its net worth is $1.24 billion.

  • Darek Wachob’s active companies are
  • Paragon Industries Sales Co, LLC
  • The Olympia of Destin LLC
  • Paragon South, LLC
  • Peerless Tube, LLC

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Derek Wachob Net Worth Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Paragon Industries Inc?

Paragon Industries is an oil and gas industry that specializes in Line Pipe, OCTG, Standard pipe, Pipe Piles, 4,6,8-inch Sprinkler Pipe, and Value-added services.

Who owns the MTI Black Diamond Boat?

Randy Scism Powered by twin Mercury Racing 1350 engines, the highly custom boat is the first of three on order, according to Randy Scism, owner of MTI.

Who is Paragon Industries Owner?

Derek Wachob is the owner of a private firm named Paragon Industries. The company was founded by his father Jack Wachob in 1970.

How fast is an MTI Black Diamond?

The twin Mercury Racing 1350hp engines are tied to BPM surface drives to maximize performance. The polished stainless steel rudder is certainly hard to miss. 150+MPH is a normal occurrence in Black Diamond.

Who owns the fastest yacht in the world?

The Top Five Fastest Yachts in The World – Oxyzen Yachting, The fastest yacht in the world reaches a record-breaking top speed of around 70 knots. The Millennium 140 World Is Not Enough has retained the title of the world’s fastest yacht since it was delivered in 2004 to her owner and one of the most public superyacht owners in the world, John Staluppi.

Where is Derek Wachob based?

Derek Wachob works at Paragon Industries Inc. located at 3378 W Hwy 117, Sapulpa, Oklahoma, 74066, United States

Which industry does Derek Wachob work in?

Derek Wachob works in the industry of OIL & ENERGY

Who is Paragon Industries Inc.’s Chief Executive Officer?

Paragon Industries Inc.’s Chief Executive Officer is Derek Wachob

What is Derek Wachob’s latest job experience?

Derek Wachob’s latest job experience is as Chief Executive Officer

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