June 6 will be considered as a memorable day for stock investors.

Amazon finally announced 20-for-1 stock split.

The stock of Amazon (AMZN) was trading above $2000 per share before the split.

After split, it is valued at $120 per share.

It is definitely a good move by Amazon.

Now small investors can also invest in Amazon’s stock.

After the split of the share at $120, the share traded 2% higher.

It finally settled at $124.8 at the time of closing of the market.

Google’s Alphabet (GOOGL) has also decided to go the Amazon’s way.

It has also announced its stock split in 20-1.

It will take effect in the month of July.

Tesla (TSLA) also announced its share split.

But it has not disclosed the ratio of split and time when they are going to do it.


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