During the ongoing trial between the famous actor Johnny Depp and Amber Heard new points are changing the case route.

As on the trials of this week is on its end.

Kathryn Arnold, an entertainment specialist testified in favor of Aquaman actress.

There after president DC films also testified for the trials through a video tape and claims opposite to Kathryn Arnold.

Walter Hamada president DC films said that Amber Heard’s role in Aquaman 2 was not affected by Johnny Depp and her dispute.

Now during this Talent Agent testified on the court trial and said—

According to me when a film does well like in case of Aquaman  its star cast life changes in many terms.

She added that the actor after a well do film gets a lot of offers from everywhere and their remuneration also starts to hike a lot.

Which happen in the case of Jason Mamoa who is the lead of Aquaman.

But this did not happened in case of Amber Heard due to the situation with her.

Talent agent said when the first sequel of  Aquaman released there was a lot of negativity rooming Around her.

There were many negative tweets were trending and a lot which probably did not help Amber Heard to rise in her Career.Heading 1


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