The current ongoing trials as on its end.

One last time Amber Heard came on the witness stand before the jury.

This time is spoke about the changes which took place during the ongoing trials.

She got emotional while explaining her feeling.

She talked about how much humiliation she is receiving since the time it all started.

And due to this how her life gets affected.

She said before the jury that the amount of hate messages she gets on social media is heart breaking.

She coated “ I’m  getting humiliated, harassed and threatened every single day.

Coming to court courtroom, sitting here has been worst part of my life.

People want to microwave my baby.

They want to kill me and they tell me this every day.

She also said the humiliation and harassment and the campaign  which is going on against me on social media every day.

All this made me fearful , my hands shakes and every day I woke up screaming.

I have to live with this trauma every single day.


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