Now the verdict has come and finally it was in favor of Johnny Depp.

Amber Heard after the verdict reveled has come to her Social Media ,

And shared her feeling for the verdict.

She said “I’m Heartbroken from the verdict”.

She further added “ The disappointment I’m facing today is way beyond and can’t be expressed in the words”.

She said “ The mountain of evidences was still  not enough  ,

From the disproportionate power, influence, and sway of my Ex husband Johnny Depp.

She further added in her post “ I’m even more disappointed with what this verdict means for other women ,in the same situation.

"It is a setback. It sets back the idea that violence against women is to be taken seriously."

Johnny Depp was in England from past few days.

He was performing since the three day long weekend due to Memorial Day on Monday.

Everyone was waiting for the verdict in the defamation case since Friday 27,after the closing argument, now the wait is over.


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