In the current trials Amber Heard admitted in the court that she has hit Johnny multiple time.

But she did so in the self- defense when they were married.

Not to assault Johnny.

On Wednesday during the trial she also mentioned how at times Johnny used to get violent.

When they were together as married couple.

And I have to take action to defend myself during that situation.

This was the day forth of her testimony.

Johnny Depp and his ex wife Amber Heard’s defamation case is going on.

Johnny first sued Amber Heard  for her Washington post in 2018.

In her post she represented herself as the survival of domestic abuse.

Johnny sued Heard on this post saying that the post has demolished his image and carrier.

He also alleged  that he was the victim of Amber Heard ‘s abuse.

Although , Amber did not mentioned his name anywhere in that post.

Johny sued her for $50 Million defamation suit.

Amber countersued Johnny for $100 Million suit.Both the cases are in under trial currently.


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