The multi dollar defamation case between Amber Heard & Johnny Depp is on its way to end up.

Many Hollywood insider testify on Virginia court trial.

From Monday the defamation trials is on its sixth weeks which is also the last week of the trials.

Throughout the court trials Amber Heard’s  legal team has focused on how Heard’s image got diminished.

Due to Johnny Depp’s claim that Heard lied about the domestic abuse.

The legal team of Amber Heard also tried to claim that her career and some endorsement got reduce due the false claims of Johnny Depp.

On this week of trials Amber Heard’s team called Kathryn Arnold ,she testified in support of Amber Heard claims.

Arnold said that it is due to the Depp’s claims over Amber Heard which brought Amber Heard down in her career.

Kathryn Arnold also said in the court that she lost around $40 Mn to $50 Mn from over past five years.

On the Other hand Johnny Depp’s legal team puts their allegations and said that Heard created  “ abuse hoax  “ in 2020.

Faded the career heights of actor Johnny Depp.

Amber Heard Lost $50 Million : Court Trials


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