In the current court trials Amber Heard Insisted that her role from the Aquaman sequel in cut radically.

She said this was due to Johnny Depp’s claims about me saying that I have lied for domestic abuse about him.

Amber Heard’s  legal team on Monday called a witness in her Support.

Kathryn Arnold , she is entertainment expert she testify in the court in support of Hear

She said heard lost her role as well as her negotiating power with the team of Aquamen.

Due to her dispute with her ex husband Johnny Depp, which created trouble for Heard from 2020s.

But Now on Tuesday ,  Walter Hamada testify in court through a video link.

He said that Amber Heard role was minimum from the starting of the series.

It had nothing to do with her dispute against Jonny Depp.

The Makers of Aquaman 2 were concern about Amber heard and Jason Momoa’s chemistry since the begning.

They even though of replacing Amber Heard once , but not due to her negative reputation.

Walter Hamada is President of DC films since 2018.

He also said that the remuneration  for the role of Amber heard in the movie in the second sequel was pre decided it has nothing to do with Johnny Depp.

He said from the starting when the script was made the movie was surrounded between the two role Arthur (Momoa) and the character of Orm (Patrick Wilson). 


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