During the court trials between actor Amber Heard and Johnny Depp defamation lawsuit.

One more witness testified from Amber Heard.

Dr David Spiegel Psychiatrist of Amber Heard testified at Virginia on Monday.

During his testimony he said that according to him Johnny Depp is a drug abuser.

He said that is is reflected in his behavior as well.

Dr David addresses Johnny Depp due to his excessive drug abuse is having behavior impairing issues.

Dr. added while testifying that Johnny has "narcissistic traits".

While testifying he broke out American Psychiatric Association's so called Rule.

The Rule is called as GoldWater rule.

According to the rule “ Without any examination of the person ,it is unethical to offer professional opinions”.

Dr David said he did not examine Johnny Depp, but his opinions may be considers as expert witness.

After all this in the courtroom, now the supports of Johnny Depp are giving bad reviews tothe dr. everywhere in social media.

Dr David’s Google page now have more than a dozen of bad or negative reviews.


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