Naomi Judd’s death shocked the whole music industry.

She was county music icon and a diva.

She was very proud mother and had a great chemistry with both of her daughters.

Wynonna Judd and Ashley Judd both are very talented singer as well as actors.

But one thing is common to all the three women.

All three had a negative part in life which they overcome by their will and courage.

Ashley Judd is a three times rape survivor and she openly talks about it.

She says that it is not her fault but to overcome with this mental trauma was purely her iron will to fight with the situation.

Naomi Judd was also going through fragile mental condition and was in depression for long time.

Naomi Judd once said in 2007 to Larry King that she loved raising her children but this is also her greatest pain.

“…… the agony and ecstasy” come together, she said.

Naomi blames herself for the problems her daughters are facing.

This guilt made her weak mentally and physically.


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