Ashley Judd is well known actress and political activist.

Recently she came in news again when her mother committed suicide.

Ashley Judd revealed this news to social media.

Her mother was mentally ill and was into very fragile state. 

She saw a lot of mental traumas in her life and was fed up with all these mental illness.

Very few people know that Ashley Judd has also gone through mental traumas in her life.

In October 2015, she shocked everyone after she said that she had been sexually harassed by  Harvey Weinstein, co-founder of Miramax.

In 2018, Ashley Judd even filed a law suit against Harvey Weinstein for defaming her social image.

However a judge in California dismissed her defamation suit against Harvey Weinstein.

In 2019, at Women in the World Summit, she told that she has been raped three times in her life.

She said that she is very bold and open minded and do not care what people think about me after knowing that I has been raped three times.

Ashley Judd no doubt has gone through lot of horrible incidences and I truly respect her courage.


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