We are seeing that financial markets are underperforming across the globe.

Recently S&P 500 index crashed to 20% of its high which it made in January.

Now the new buzz is Crypto Market, it has also started to follow the global trend now.

Bitcoin started giving nightmares to its investors as it sank below $30,000.

ETH, Solana, BNB, ADA, XRP, DOT, Matic were went down to 5%

The crypto market capitalization shrank to 1.25 trillion in just 24 hours.

A day before it was 1.28 trillion.

By this you can judge how high the volatility is in crypto currency right now.

Bitcoin at the time of writing this story was trading at $29,195 which is way below the barrier $30,000

In terms of percentage, it crashed to nearly 3.26% in last 24 hours.

In a week, Bitcoin price has gone down by 1% 

Bitcoin is the king of crypto currency market, if it goes down then other crypto currency also goes down.

Ethereum, second largest crypto currency after Bitcoin also crashed to 2.85% and went below $2000 mark in 24 hours.


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