Bitcoin bleeds again, but this time it dents deeply into the wallet.

The fall in Bitcoin is justified by some external agents.

This time it was TerraUSD which is considered as the stablecoin in market.

As it tumbled without any reason and hence Bitcoin also followed the trend.

It is always advised to invest in Bitcoin wisely.

As it is highle risky game for those who do not have much knowledge about it.

Bitcoin in terms of market value is the largest cryptocurrency and highly volatile in nature.

Even a slightest negative or postive news can make it swing by large margins in either directions.

Bitcoin price at the time of writing this story was $30,360 which was 13.28 % more than the 16 months low of $25,400.

After Bitcoin, the second largest cryptocurrency is Ethereum.

Crptocurrencies have some alt coins such as Dogecoin and Shiba Inu.

These alt coins are also a hit among the investors but again these are highly volatile in nature.

Many people have become millionaire after investing in Cryptocurrencies but many people have become bankrupt also after investing into it.

Have you also invested in Cryptocurrency?


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