Bruins were never outstand their performance in a series they didn't have home advantage.

Carolina Hurricanes lead the game 7 with 1-0 when 1:24 time was remaining in the first period of Game 7.

Bruins captain Patrice Bergeron was about to disclose his future plan.

Media told that captain Patrice Bergeron  was about to ask for retirement .

But after Saturday’s game 7 loss to Hurricanes he had changed his mind.

Bruins captain Patrice Bergeron has done 18th campaign now in the books.

Bergeron, 36, and intended to disclose and discuss his future plan in throughout the season.

Due to the harsh reality of falling in Game 7 with Hurricanes , Bruins captain changed his future possibility to leave the team at this time.

Patrice Bergeron told reporters after the game he is still not ready to elaborate on his plans.

Bergeron  interacted the reporters and said  -“It’s too early right now,” 

Bergeron  is one of the best Bruins till day.

His 1,216 games rank third in franchise history while his 400 goals, 582 assists and 982 points all rank fourth.

He palyed very well in Boston’s Stanley Cup run in 2011.

Bergeron is best out of all bruins due to his 1,216 games rank third in  history his total goals are 400, 582 assists and 982 points all rank fourth.


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