Camila Cabello knows how to attract attention of their fans.

She comes out with some unique ideas that surely raise eyebrows of the viewers.

She is very talented singer and has got really cool looks.

Camila Cabello shocked her fans again through her Instagram post.

She recently performed in opening ceremony of Champions League final.

She wrote in her post that she peed in her pants during the performance.

The exact words of her post goes like this "UEFA finals opening ceremony! This was so exciting I peed a little in my outfit!"

She did this in her excitement about her performance.

She told that she was very nervous before the performance and that went to next level during the performance.

Luckily her wet clothes could not be noticed by anyone.

She got frustrated over few fans during her performance as they were trying to sing loudly.

She even mentioned this rude behaviour of her fans in her social media post after the event.


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