The NBA Finals 2022 finally started with a bang.

The two giants, Golden State Warriors and Boston Celtics were standing facing each other.

Both were standing to make an impressive dent in Game 1 of NBA Finals 2022.

Fans were also super excited and were supporting their teams with full emotions.

The Game 1 started and both the team tried to give their best possible performance.

But we all know that only the best one will win the game finally.

Here also, Boston Celtics defeated the Golden State Warriors by 120-108.

It was 17-0 run in the fourth quarter which made Celtics win super smooth.

As usual Warriors came up with offense tactics while Celtics adopted their favourite defence tactics.

Boston Celtics have reached to their first NBA Finals since 2010.

They knew that there is no scope of error in this game and played the game accordingly.

Celtics known for their defensive playing style showed some of the offense swings also in the game.

This proves that they are the master of both the format: defensive and offensive.

Celtics surely deserves to be champion of NBA Finals 2022.


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