The attorney of amber heard said to the juries.

That think about the message which is being sent to domestic abuser from Depp and his lawyer.

Benjamin Rottenborn said if you didn’t take pictures, that means it never happened,??

If you didn’t take medical attention, you are not injured?

He said , Depp is not and will not take the responsibility of what all happened!

He said the juries if Johnny Depp, abused only one time to Amber Heard then also Heard wins.

And we are not talking about sexual, psychological or physical abuse.

Attorney said before the juries and remind them about the text messages which was shown to court earlier in the trials.

He continued ,the language which was used in the text was vile and disgusting you can ever imagine.

The words which we saw in those text are the clear window of the heard and mind,

Of Americans favorite pirate ,id the real Johnny Depp.

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard  defamation trials is now headed towards the outcome.

On Friday the lawyers of both of them presented their closing statement before seven member jury.


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