Bear Market has finally started in stocks as well as in crypto market.

In last few days, we have seen heavy bleeding in cryptocurrency.

The blockchain and cryptocurrency industry executives said that Bear Market is a good thing to happen.

They hope that this will eliminated the “Bad Players” out of the cryptocurrency market.

Currency of Billions of Dollars just vanished in few weeks.

This is possibly the worst Bear Market we have seen in past few years.

The Bear Market started when there was sudden huge sell off in stocks and then tumbling of stable stablecoin terraUSD.

The executives said that we need not to worry much about this huge sell off.

They called this sell off as “Healthy”.

They said that those who were simply making blind speculations about the stock market and cryptocurrency market will not be there anymore.

Now we will find only legit and serious investors in the market.

But if we talk about honest and small investor, then they are surely at receiving end right now.


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