As this is a civil trial ,None of the two sides are alleged for any crime.

A criminal case is a condition in which any of the two side claims of any crime but this is not true for this defamation trials.

So for civil cases no one would go to prison if they lose the case also.

Only Criminal cases will lead to any imprisonment.

In such civil cases the jury will come with a verdict.

And will predict which of the two parties are most likely to be correct.

This is a positive point for both the parties that they don’t have to go to prison.

However the party which will lose the trials ,

Would have to pay the damaging amount to the wining party.

In this defamation case between pirates of the Caribbean actor and his ex wife Amber Heard.

If Johnny wins then Heard may have to pay $50 Million to Johnny Depp.

One more change which may takes place if the jury decides to reduce the amount , below $50 Miliion.

If Aquaman actor Amber Heard wins then Johnny Depp may have to pay $100 Million to Heard.

Same  change which may takes place here also that jury may reduce the amount below to $100M.


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