A Serbian journalist Sasa Ozmo, when asked during a press conference.

From  Djokovic  to compare all three big to a musical instrument.

Currently the three big names are  Djokovic  , Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal.

Then Djokovic said “Roger Federer  is like a violin”.

He added “ I don’t think anyone has anything to say about it”.

Djokovic said “Rafael Nadal is like a electric guitar or drum.

And then he compared Djokovic compared himself with a saxophone,

Because saxophone can go with any type of the music.

Djokovic has paid a very big amount for not getting himself vaccinated for Corona virus during ,Australian Open.

Due to this he was not allowed to play the Australian Open.

Novak Djokovic’s previously  suffered a lot and his image got down due to ,

The 35 years old Novak Djokovic was thrown out from the county.

He did not lose a single set before reaching the quarter finals of Roland Garros.


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