Elon Musk while developing his company “ The boring Company”.

At the same time he was going through his final divorce proceedings.

With his then wife Talulah Riley, an actor.

Elon Musk has field the divorce in 2012 against Talulah Riley.

Then Remarried during 2013.

Again filed the divorce in December 2014.

Thereafter during May 2016 Elon Met Amber Heard.

The two met at the “Met Gala Event” 2016.

Then they dated each other for around one year.

This was the same time when Amber Heard got separated from Johnny Depp.

During current defamation trials Between Amber Heard and Johnny Depp .

Heard’s therapist testify on the stand that she did not felt anything while dating Musk.

As her soul was dead, the two dated after several weeks when Johnny and Heard got separated.


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