Elon Musk always does things in his signature style.

His acts always shock everyone.

He is world’s richest man for many reasons.

Recently he shocked everyone by saying that he is going to buy Twitter.

He signed this deal for whopping $44bn. 

After this deal was confirmed, he gave a controversial statement in a press conference.

He said that now he is planning to buy Coca Cola Company so that he will use cocaine into it.

This statement raised the eyebrows of many critics.

Some thought that he may be joking but he did not give any clarification about his controversial statement. 

The statement was surely unacceptable from the world’s richest person.

After this deal he requested Twitter officials to share the user data with him.

But he did not get any response from the Twitter officials.

Now he has given last warning to Twitter officials.

He said that if his demands are not met then he will walk away with his $44bn.


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