Elon Musk was named many times In the courtroom.

As Amber Heard dated Billionaire businessmen before taking the divorce from Johnny Depp.

But that time Johnny and Amber Heard were got separated.

Elon Musk was named in the courtroom ,after Amber Heard’s attorney read the text which ,

Got leaked from the Johnny Depp.

The text was all about Elon Musk.

Now on Friday morning ,Elon Musk have tweeted for the two in trouble.

He relied to one of the tweet

And said “ I hope they both move on now.

Both are incredible Individually, Musk tweeted.

In his tweet he talked about Johnny Depp and Amber Heard both.

Now from the closing statement on Friday court got dismissed.

The verdict of the trial will probably come on Tuesday.

As Monday being the holiday for Memorial day. 


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