Johnny Depp and his fans are overwhelmed with the verdict,

Which was given by seven jury member on Wednesday after 13 hours of jury deliberation.

According to the jury member they find Amber Heard guilty for the lawsuit.

Jury awarded him $10 M for compensatory damages and had asked Amber Heard to pay the damaging amount.

At the same time jury have awarded Johnny Depp $5 Million as punitive damages.

So in total Johnny Depp have will be given $15 Million from Amber heard.

This is the reduced amount from which he asked in the lawsuit.

Amber Heard prevailed just one out of the three counter claims she made.

The jury awarded him compensatory damages of very lower amount $2 Million.

Which she will get from her ex husband Johnny Depp.

Johnny Depp was not in the court at the time of the verdict,

As he is in England form past few days,

Now as the verdict has finally come Johnny Depp is celebrating his victory.


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