The Indy 500 is the most watched race in the world.

It has got a reason for its popularity.

It is always exciting to watch racer cars ramming and speeding on the track.

Indianapolis 500 is famous for the bounty it gives to its drivers.

The 2022 race of Indy 500 broke all its previous records in terms of money it spent on its drivers.

This year Indy 500 pursed $16 million ($16,000,200).

Marcus Ericsson, the winner of 2022 Indy 500 received whopping amount of money as reward.

He got $3.1 million for his exceptional driving skill which made him win this year’s Indy 500 Championship.

The average payout made this year for the drivers of Indy 500 championship was $485,000.

Fans were so excited to watch this race that the stands were over crowded.

This is the first time after 3 years ( Covid 19 Pandemic) when they were allowed to come in full capacity.


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