Jamie Foxx, a 44-year-old actor, is well versed in an action that seeks to attract attention.

He is a man known for his luxurious lifestyle and has dated many celebrities.

A recent uproar in the city was that he was seen in a boat with another woman.

They were seen in lip locks and playing together in the water.

The identity of the women has not yet been confirmed. 

The mysterious woman was wearing a bikini top and a black swimsuit.

The two lay hunting and kissed warmly.

He shared these photos on his Instagram account.

In addition to these photos, he shared other photos such as breakfast, water sports, entertainment with the crew.

Jamie Foxx has a relationship with Katie Holmes. 

Their relationship lasted 9 years and in 2019 it fell apart.

Then Jamie Foxx had a relationship with singer Sela Vave.


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