Jayson Tatum is the name which every basketball lover admires.

He rose to name and fame in very short period of time.

He has got some insane playing styles which stands him out from other basketball players.

Jayson Tatum knows how to keep himself in limelight always.

He remains in news for his performance, love life, and also for his earnings.

Jayson Tatum is from United States, and landed on this earth on March 3, 1998

Though he is very young but his salary and earnings are always a topic of discussion among his fans and other players also.

It is believed that he has accumulated over $25 million so far as his bank balance.

Majority of his earnings is coming purely from his games.

He sometimes do some endorsements with companies.

Jayson Tatum per year earns $28,103,500 as his base salary.

Jayson Tatum and Celtics signed a contract in year 2020 which Jayson Tatum is supposed to play for Celtics for 5 years.

The deal was locked at whopping $196.5 million.

This deal amount made a lot of buzz on social media.


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