Jayson Tatum’s did not start well in the initial matches of Eastern Conference Finals.

But as the Celtics played games one by one, Jayson Tatum started to shine.

In game 1 of Eastern Conference Finals, Celtics has lost the game against their arch rival Miami Heat.

Ime Udoka called this loss because of Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown.

He was very upset with the performance of both the players.

He was even thinking to give rest to these two players for upcoming matches.

Jayson Tatum has always proved his potential during the matches that why he is so famous in the world.

Nobody can compare Jayson Tatum legacy with any other player.

If Jayson Tatum is responsible for Game 1 loss then he is also responsible for rest of the games win.

I personally like Jayson Tatum very much.

He has got some unique moves which you do not find in any other player.


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