Believe it or not, but this is true that Jayson Tatum is superstitious player.

In fact he can be considered as one of the most superstitious players of NBA.

He always gives credits of his winning or losing the game to something which is not at all related with the game.

He once thought that his hairs are the main reason for his bad performance.

We are talking about the 2020’s playoff time of NBA.

It was no doubt very weird and hard time for every player due Covid 19 pandemic.

The NBA players were forced to play in bubble in Orlando.

They all were hit very hard financially.

Jimmy Butler had to start a coffee shop to meet out monthly expenses.

He was serving coffee for $20 per cup.

Jayson Tatum thought that probably taking a new hairstyle will bring good fortune for him.

But his haircut did not go the way he was looking for.

He gave his one of the worst performances of all time after this new hair cut.

Tatum again cursed his new hairstyle and next day he got it fixed the way he wanted.


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