Jayson Tatum is well known face among basketball lovers.

He remains in limelight for some reasons always.

Sometimes it is his performance other time it is his personal love life.

Jayson Tatum was born on March 3, 1998, in St. Louis, Missouri, United States.

He is not very old in NBA but his salary and his income will make your eyes to open wide.

It is estimated that he has earned more than $25 million.

Major part of his income comes from basketball matches.

He does not do many endorsements with companies.

The salary of Jayson Tatum per year is $28,103,500

Jayson Tatum is in 5 years contract with Celtics from November 2020. 

It is estimated that the net worth of the deal is $195.6 million

According to the deal, he will be paid $33 million in first year.

And he will be paid $44.5 million in 5th year as his base salary.


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