Boston Celtics finally recovered from their low time and made a decent return in the last game.

In Game 5, Celtics failed to make impact in the game and ultimately lost the match.

Jayson Tatum was not at all happy with his performance in game 5 as he got few good chances to take hold on the game but missed it somehow.

But he promised himself that this is not going to be repeated again.

He stood by his promise in next game and this he had answer for every move Milwaukee Bucks was trying to make.

Celtics guard Marcus Smart said that " It is his style of playing game which gets him paid hefty amount of fees".

The game 7 which is scheduled to be held in Boston on Sunday afternoon will be the crucial one.

Both the teams have won 3 matches and game 7 will decide the overall winnner of the series.

Boston coach Ime Udoka was consistently saying to his team to forget your past performance and just focus on this game.

He said that just follow your natural game and do not try to out perform your peers. Just go on attacking which is your normal style of playing.

Let us hope that may the deserving team lift the trophy.

I personally support Boston Celtics.

They have really very impressive style of attacking the opponents.

Which team do you support for Sunday Match?


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