Jayson Tatum is back in action again.

You cannot keep a lion from roaring for long time, exactly is the case with Jayson Tatum.

In Game 1, Jayson Tatum could not do much for Celtics and this resulted into game loss against Miami Heat in Eastern Conference Finals.

Jayson Tatum had to face lot of criticism after Game 1 loss.

But he knew that this will not be the story in Game 2.

And yes he was correct about it. Celtics squared the series with Game 2 win.

This time it was Jayson Tatum again who scored 27 points which became a driving force for Celtics win in game 2 against Miami Heat.

Though Jayson Tatum scored good points but whole Celtics team players contributed in this win.

In the First quarter Miami Heat was in wild beast mode.

Initially it was predicted that this game will also be won by Miami Heat.

But Jayson Tatum proved it wrong and showed to the world why he is so famous.

He has shut the mouth of all the critics including coach Ime Udoka.

I always say sometime we have bad day when we do not perform according to our popularity.

But that does not mean that we have forgotten our skills.


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