lieutenant governor Fetterman got his nomination victory on Tuesday.

He nominated himself for Democratic Senate nomination.

During his hospital stay , he had plans for this nominations.

He was in the hospital as he had stroke and a surgery for recovering from the two health issue.

His known strategy is to bring his populist economic message to all over the  Pennsylvania.

Fetterman’s plan is to spread  his economic message to  every part including reddest parts as well.

And will give priority to the areas that were ignored or marginalized.

He has already shown the fundraising prowess.

Fetterman’s is ready for the upcoming elections on NOVEMBER.

wife, Gisele Fetterman said on the NCB news at his election night party that it won’t matter for them.

That who is elected as Republican candidate.

Fetterman understanding of fundraising to run any  campaign is very good.


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