Johnny Depp sued her ex wife for her Washington op-ed which she wrote in 2018.

Depp sued Heard and claims that her post defamed him. 

He claims that due to Amber Heard’s post he lost many film .

Which he would have done and  would have made few more  Million $ from those roles.

Heard countersued Johnny stating that when his team called her claims as “domestic abuse hoax”.

He defamed me , Heard countersued Depp with $100M.

Now the defamation lawsuit is towards its final verdict.

Both the parties have called witness from their side during the testimony.

Many Hollywood insider gave their testimony from both the side.

Now the defamation trial is on its sixth week ,this is the last week of the trials.

There is seven members jury for this trial which will give the verdict.

verdict will come on May 27,once the closing statement are given from the lawyers of both the parties.


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