Actor Johnny Depp gave performance on Sunday.

He was appeared at Jeff Beck ‘s concert on Sunday.

He took the stage at the Sheffield City Hall in Sheffield ,Uk

Depp has appeared in Jeff Beck’s European tour.

Fans of Johnny Depp got to know about the concert from his social media handle.

The video which was shared on the internet , he was seen playing John Lennon's classic "Isolation".

Johnny Depp was seen playing guitar and was seen singing at the same .

This is the same song which they released together in April 2020.

According to Jeff Beck’s Website, the two were working behind the scenes from few years now.

Jeff Beck said that they didn’t plan for this early release.

But we thought that in this tough time when people are going through the challenging time.

According to Beck’s website, the two performers are “Musical Soul mates”.

Jeff also said the fans may accept our future collaboration in future as well. 


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