Johnny Depp Dating  Camille Vasquez His Attorney

Camille Vasquez is new internet sensation.

Just after she grilled Amber Heard on the defamation case between the Amber and Johnny.

She is now in everyone’s eye just after how she took the stage during the testimony on the trial.

Camille Vasquez ,Attorney of Depp while cross examining Heard asked few intense questions which made headlines.

Now Fans are wondering if something is brewing between Depp and his Attorney.

As there are many videos made by fans in which the two glance each other during the trial in court room.

There are few images of them Hugging each other is also on top of  the internet.

A TMZ reporter caught up his Attorney outside the court and asked directly if something is going on between the two.

As it is all over the internet , and everyone wants to know.

But she denied answer.

But she waved at the fans who were there outside the court.

The trial of the defamation case between the Johnny Depp and Amber Heard  is on its testimony period.

The defamation case between the two in Fairfax County, Virginia.

Heard field a temporary restraining order  against his then husband Johnny Depp in may 2016.


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