The court drama continuous on this week also.

While during the court trials a women shouted from the back  of the courtroom with holding baby.

That Johnny Depp is the father of his child.

Everyone in the court got confused from this incident.

This happened just as the court took a break.

She stood up and said Johnny “I love you” our souls are connected.

After this incident Johnny simply looked to woman, smiled and waved at her.

Soon after this she was removed from the court room.

And her wristband which gave her the asscess of the court room was also taken.

Later on when she was asked , why she did this?

She said It was a joke , I have planed it with my Husband.

Johnny Depp sued his ex wife Amber Heard for her  2018 Washington op-ed.

Claiming that this cost him to lose his career drastically, due to her damaging  post saying that he she is the survivor of domestic abuse.

Although Heard did not mention Johnny’s name anywhere.


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