Johnny Depp just after wining of his defamation trial Was seen celebrating in UK.

Recently Johnny Depp has joined a popular social media platform.

Johnny Depp has joined TIK-TOK .

He has around 4 Million Followers on Tik-Tok just after joining this.

After creating TIK-TOK account Johnny Depp thanked his fans.

His representative wrote on Tik-Tok,

To all my loyal and most treasured supporters,

We have been everywhere together,And have seen good and bad together.

We have walked the same rode together,

At the same time we have done the right think together , as you cared Now we will all move forward together.

You are as always are my employers and once again 

I thank all of you, My love & respect, JD.”

Johnny Depp’s post  was all about “moving Forward”

Where Amber Heard’s representative criticized Johhny’s message,

He said while Johnny Depp is moving forward “women’s rights are moving backwards”.


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