On Wednesday defense grilled Johnny Depp.

Heard’s lawyer said Johnny Depp was little angry after Heard took restraining order from Johnny Depp.

Johnny on this Question Smiled and said , More than Angry ! I was hurt.

Later Heard’s lawyer asked earlier in this morning you testifies that ,

You were involved and somehow responsible for getting  Aquaman  role for Heard from Warner Bros.

The lawyer from heard side asked that after this when Amber Heard took restraining order against you, 

As you got Angry , You tried to remove her role from the Aquaman film, didn’t you?

Johnny when asked the lawyer that which question he want him to answer first?

Lawyer said , only one question that after restraining order you tried to remove her from the film?

Johnny said , how does it affect me or related to me if she gets her role..

Lawyer interrupted and asked it is a simple question of Yes, or No.Johnny said I will not please you with a yes or No question every time.

Lawyer asked again??Johnny answered , No.This is how Johnny gets frustrated from Heard’s lawyer.


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