Psychiatrist Dr David Spiegel testified on Monday in the Virginia court.

According to a newspaper , Dr David Spiegel said that he believes that Johnny is a drug & alcohol abuser.

Due this his thinking rate is down.

And His memory and attention also got Impaired.

Dr. said that drug used can make us behave differently in a lot of way.

This may include intimate partner abuse.

Dr also added in his testimony that Johnny has "narcissistic traits" and his behavior indicates that he is drug abuser.

When the Dr David Spiegel said that Johnny used earpiece during the shooting at the set.

Wayne Dennison attorney of Johnny  asked the Dr. if he knew that Marlon Brando used a earpiece on movies.

The Dr. questioned  , isn’t he dead?

Johnny’s attorney replied , Indeed Yes he is dead now.

Dr David Spiegel immediately replied , so the answer is no he doesn’t use it now.

This makes Johnny Depp Laugh in the court , he covered his face with his palm and laughed.

Other attorney were also seen laughing.


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