Johnny Depp   was considered as most earning actor In 2000s.

According to Guinness World Records in 2012, Johnny Depp  was the highest  paying actor in the world.

That time his worth was Us $75 Million.

He Started his career as a Musician.

But Gained worldwide  Popularity once after he started acting.

He got top of the game as Captain Jack Sparrow  due to the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise.

He has done 5 series with Pirates of the Caribbean franchise.

This become his most earned Film.

He had earned around $300 million from this franchise.

His first big role started with Fox TV series 21 Jump Street he gained popularity after this as well.

In the year 2003 to 2016  He earned around $650 Million from all of his franchise.

And earned $ 45000 per episode for this in 1990s.

His lavish lifestyle includes expense of  $30,000 per month for wine.According to reports he spends $3.6 million on a forty person staff  yearly.

his commercial success started at the high with 2003 to 2011 during  his Pirates of the Caribbean franchise.


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