The defamation lawsuit between pirates of the Caribbean   actor Johnny Depp and his Ex wife Amber Heard has not ended yet.

The case trials have been completed its multiple weeks of testimony.

Several Experts and insider from entertainment industry have given their testimonies.

And both the sides have represented their witness and evidences in the court.

The defamation trials have started from 11 April 2022.

And completed its six weeks of testimony on Thursday.

The Jury rested the trials after the closing statements was given on May 27, Friday.

The jury deliberation starts from Friday to three days long weekend, Monday being   holiday forMemorial day.

The jury deliberation started on Tuesday 31 May.

But they ended it for Tuesday after seven  hours.

Now the jury deliberation will start on Wednesday again.

Now the supports from both the sides are waiting , whether  the jury will come with the verdict on Wednesday .

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