The defamation trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard is on its way to end.

Six weeks of testimony have been completed on May 27th ,Friday.

Now the Jury deliberation is going on,

The Verdict of the Million dollar defamation lawsuit will probably come on this Tuesday.

During six weeks of testimony public and media has seen different sides of both the actors.

Which include good bad and  ugly sides of both Johnny Depp and Amber heard.

Whatever will be the verdict of the case, the will have to go to another trial in their life once the case shuts.

According to a Hollywood insider, fate of their career will be decided by the court of public opinion.

According to an entertainment specialist of Hollywood , the industry will defiantly hesitate initially to work with them.

But once this topic will be least aired and faded ,they may form their respective career again in the industry.

But initially the two have to face a public trial as well.

According to the current trend on tweeter and Tik-tok  Johnny Depp has won the trials already according to fans.


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