The Pirates of the Caribbean actor Johnny Depp sued his ex wife Amber Heard with $ 50 Million.

Claiming that her Washington op-ed during 2018 defamed him and due to this post his career got dim.

As Heard during this post presented herself as “Survivor of domestic abuse”.

Heard then counter sued Johnny Depp with $100 M claiming that his attorney called her layer publicly which defamed her. 

The defamation trials between actor Johnny Depp and Amber Heard is on its end.

Throughout the defamation trial both the sides presented their witnesses and evidences.

The trial for the case started from April 2022,  and was about to end up with a verdict on 27 May.

On May 27th, Friday the attorney from both the side gave their closing argument.

There is seven member jury which will give the verdict of the case.

The judges and jury members have listen the testimony from both the sides for  six weeks now.

The trials finished on Friday 27 may .

During the trials when both the parties were giving their testimony for sufficient time.

Now if the verdict will come in favor of  Johnny Depp or Amber Heard.

Fans are wondering who will go to the prison.


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