Once after the verdict has come in the favor of Johnny Depp,

Everyone is wondering how this verdict will changes his profession life,

According to a producer of Hollywood who had worked with Depp,

He said “ I don’t think he would get big  studios  jobs now, Where there is so much already on the line.

If he is throwing bottles and taking drugs at the , at the same time he is late as well, I don’t think anyone from the industry will take this now.

So anyone will not put his money ,on someone who is not a star anymore.

He also said that , Now it has become very risky to put a lot of money on a actor like this.

The producer said the things that he said in the court about Amber Heard are vile.

But according to jury members he is the victim.

And also according to social media trends he will definitely come back in the cinema ,

And will get huge amount of support from his fans ,specially female fans.

At the same time many said that there are definitely many production houses which are willing to work with him at this point of time.


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