Camille Vasquez said during her  opening statement and said she came in the court to give her best performance of life , and she delivered it.

Camille Vasquez said today we only have a mountain of unproved allegations on Mr. Depp.

She said you can’t pick and choose which of the allegations are there to believe and which one is not to believe.

We either believe all of the allegations or non of them.

Another abuser of attorney Benjamin Chew said before the court,

Johnny Depp always accepted his flaws in front of the juries.

You all have seen him admitting of alcohol and drug uses he never denies his flaws.

But surely he is not a violent abuser ,attorney added,He also remind the court about the “Me Too”.

And said Depp was the supporter of “Me Too”,No one has came out for Johnny Depp during   “Me Too”

This is the only “Me Too” allegation where no one from the industry is with Heard.

At the end of the Friday trial the judge  Penney Azcarate gave clear instruction to the jury.

And reminded them about the stronger  weight  of evidences.

which would help the juries to find the verdict of defamation trial with “actual malice”.

Both the parties for this defamation case trial was allotted 61 hours which is seven weeks of period ,To represent witness and evidences from their side.


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