The Liverpool Football Club has created history finally.

Jordan Henderson was the hero of this history as he scored 6-5 in a penalty shootout against Chelsea in Saturday's FA Cup final.

The final was played between Liverpool and Chelsea, the ended 0-0 and then penalty shootout changed everything.

Henderson has proved it again that why he is considered as a great captain.

Henderson was made captain of Liverpool Football Club in 2015 for the first time.

Since from then he has won six trophies for Liverpool Football Club

Henderson is the only captain in Liverpool who has achieved the honour of winning six trophies.

He is 31 year old and joined Liverpool in 2011.

He belongs to Sunderland, after winning the final he said this match was a special match for me.

Chelsea also worked very hard to win this game but could not make it happen.

Liverpool's got a shock in the 33rd minute when Mo Salah, the key player in Liverpool limped off with a suspected groin injury.

The Liverpool captain said that " this was no doubt a big blow to our plans"

But we had to go ahead without Mo Salah and our hardwork finally paid off.

The fans also enjoyed this high octane game very much.


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