Justice Clarence Thomas expressed his concerns after a draft related with Roe v. Wade leaked earlier this month.

He said that this is breach of privacy and raise eyebrows over integrity of Supreme Court.

The leaked draft opinion suggests that Supreme Court is going to overturn the right of abortion given legally to citizens for more than 50 years in Roe v. Wade.

Justice Thomas who joined the Court in year 1991 has been the supporter of overturning of Roe v. Wade as he thinks this is used illegally.

He said that draft leak is surely breach of trust and this should be treated as a serious matter.

The Supreme Court has released a statement and said that it will look into this leaked draft matter and soon will come with the culprit.

Until May 5, nobody imagined that Supreme Court is contemplating over Roe v. Wade in this manner.

Just after the draft came into public domain, people gathered outside Supreme Court and protested against the draft.

Justice Thomas said that if someone would say that one line or two lines have been leaked I would never trust.

But since the whole draft has been leaked, so now that trust has gone forever.

People are very upset that they are going to loose the right to get abortion when needed.

According to the draft, if any doctor performs the abortion without legal procedures then he/she may face life imprisonment as penalty.

Now abortion can be carried out only if it is life threatening or may impact any body parts negatively.

What is your stand on this draft?


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