Ongoing trials of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s defamation case has come up with a new twist.

While testifying on one of the trials Heard said that she punched on Depp’s face.

She added , that she did this out of fear to save her sister Whitney.

While stating this she recalls the staircase incidence between Johnny and Kate Moss.

Johnny Depp have dated Kate Moss during 1994-1997.

Earlier Johnny Depp’s legal team had no plans to testify  Kate Moss , on Court trials.

But now as Amber Heard mentioned Kate during her testimony .

Now Depp’s legal team will add Kate Moss as witness.

Expert also said that this is one mistake which Amber Heard had made on trials by bringing Kate Moss in her testimony.

This have paved the path for Johnny Depp’s legal Team.

Kate Moss will testify on Johnny Depp’s side a source said.

Kate Moss will Testify through a video call on Wednesday trial.