Marcus Ericsson creates history in Indy 500.

He surprised everyone with this historical win.

Nobody was speculating about his win.

But he proved himself as the “Dark Horse” in Indy 500.

Scott Dixon last week broke the speed record so he was one of the main contenders for this race.

Likewise Helio Castroneves was last year 2021 Indy 500 champion so he was also in main list of probable winner of Indy 500 championship.

But nobody gave a thought on Marcus Ericsson.

He won this Indy 500 championship in two lap shootout.

Marcus Ericsson is 31 year-old.

“It was hard to remain focused” said the 2022 Indy 500 winner Marcus Ericsson.

I was very nervous in the starting but as the race began I forgot everything and just focused on the race.

The car which I was driving was amazing.

I really loved driving this car my way in the race.


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